IMPERIAL Screen Room Systems

There is something special about rising early to greet the new day, to spend a quiet hour enjoying the serenity and beauty Mother Nature has to offer inside an amazing and protected area in your new “Imperial” Screen Room. Sun Boss “Imperial” Screen Rooms offer the perfect environment to capture these special moments.

Adding a Screen Room to your home isn’t just a home improvement, it’s a lifestyle improvement, and one that becomes a focal point of activity, a sunshine-filled place where everyone feels more comfortable and more peaceful. Sun Bosss “Imperial” screen room systems have everything you need to create that special place — quality materials, expert workmanship and a transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty.



“Imperial” screen room systems are manufactured at your home and cut totally custom to the way you want your room built. With screen to ceiling or solid basewall options allow you to make the room as protected or open as you desire.

COLORS come in sand, white and bronze, allowing for a look that blends with almost any home or structure you want to add a living space.

Sun Boss “Imperial” screen room systems offer several different systems to fit the distinct requirements of your Screen Enclosure. Our full-screen wall offers the perfect outdoor feel with a maximum view, while keeping insects out. Add a kick panel to keep out dirt, grass cuttings and other debris. We also offer a solid knee wall design with insulated LWP (Laminated Wall Panels) should you decide to transform your Screen Room to a glass Patio Enclosure at a later time. Our picket system is designed for added safety and when required by building codes demand it.