Building a Sunroom onto a Beachfront Home in Riverside, CA,

Project Description

When you own a home in front of the ocean, you should take advantage of your location. Just like the proud owner of this lovely home in Riverside, CA, CA who made sure that his beachfront home gets the best of the ocean view.

The original owner of this home, who was originally from Alabama who decided to move to Sunset Cliffs in Riverside, CA, ensured that the home was built with a true southern flair. Arturo, the new owner, wanted to add a music room or a studio below and a game room or ocean view room off of his existing garage.

The client wanted to make sure that the room addition to look as if it were originally built with the house. Arturo immediately called Sun Boss who efficiently handled the design and engineering of a System 4 Georgian Conservatory sitting on top of an all-glass system 8 wall unit. The client and his architect decided to utilize Four Seasons because of the performance of the glass and wall systems as well as the incredible appearance it sports on the outside. As expected, Sun Boss once again delivered a masterful project on-time and on-budget for another important Riverside, CA homeowner.