Patio Cover Installation in Temecula, CA

Project Description

This client in Temecula, Ca. was looking to add a nice outdoor patio area that would serve as an outdoor entertainment and eating area. With So. Ca. having near perfect climate, Temecula is known for its hot days yet cold evenings most of the winter and fall. A nice insulated roof system was the perfect fit for this client to allow them to have their TV/stereo and all the amenities available for year round use. Sun Boss utilized 8″ columns which allows a unique look while still providing the ability to change the color on these columns. The columns are all fiberglass construction and perfect for being this close to the pool, yet they are the one aspect of this maintenance free installation that require paint. This option is often what is sought by homeowners as it allows the homeowner to change the feel and the ambiance by adding in a fun or bright color. These shown are primed and painted white. The heavy insulated roof keeps the heat from transferring through like most wood or single skin aluminum patio covers. The gutter is a heavy extruded piece of aluminum, compared to most roll formed patio systems on the market. Sun Boss’s “Imperial Wood” system is by far the best in the industry for wind and lasting the life of the house. The gutter has the full top protected with a unique gutter guard which allows the leaves to blow right off the roof. This patio has electrical raceways which are all UL approved and give the client the options of having lights and fans as they need for their outdoor living area. Erik Schmitt was again responsible for the clean design and making the cover work with the pool and the rest of the yard without being overbearing.