Second Story Sunroom in Riverside, CA

Project Description

Point Loma residents like to savor the incredible views and vistas that the beautiful city of Riverside, CA can offer. Thus, some homes in this Southern California neighborhood were built with decks that make the owners see the sceneries. But what if the deck is having issues, such as leaking, and too much heat or too much cold?

The owners of this Riverside, CA home had a deck that was constructed with the house over a portion of the downstairs residence. Since the home was built, the deck has always leaked, and the homeowner was forced to invest in about 4 different decking systems, only to find them not working every now and then. The couple finally decided to solve the problem by enclosing the deck and eliminating the water issue all together. After having conservation with Sun Boss, they were presented with the second story 230 Sun and Stars Straight Eave System, which allows homeowners to enjoy comfortable dry winters yet have the amazing views and vistas brought right into the upstairs kitchen and nook area. Moreover, windy and rainy days in Southern California are no longer an issue. For these clients, enjoying the views and fresh air are all totally controlled by their new Four Seasons sunroom.