Transforming a Deck into a Sunroom in Banning, CA

Project Description

Balconies and decks are loved by architects, and designed right, make for stunning homes and unique architecture. The problem is that with the Southern California climate, most decks are rarely used. It is very often too hot or too cold.

This stunning Banning home had a beautiful small balcony that was only used twice in about five years by the homeowner. A visit to a home show and a demonstration of the incredible high performing Four Seasons Sunroom glass peaked this Banning homeowner’s interest. The home owners booked an appointment to allow a Sun Boss designer to come inspect their potential project and show them all the sunroom options available to them. The house lent itself to the incorporation of a 230 sun and stars straight eave sunroom system. The finished project not only expanded their living area, it brought the incredible views into the living room itself. Winter and the middle of summer, this new expanded area allows comfortable outdoor living…indoors!